Ferric Chloride Transport

More information about our specialised transport of Ferric Chloride

We are a specialist company in the transportation of Ferric Chloride. Due to the hazardous nature of transporting Ferric Chloride, safety is of utmost importance and therefore most of our tankers are dedicated to transporting specific products.

du Plessis Vervoer has many years experience in the transportation of Ferric Chloride together with knowledge of the product. We provide transportation services of Ferric Chloride to various companies such as waterworks and municipalities etc. We are able to transport Ferric Chloride throughout Southern Africa and Namibia. Our Ferric Chloride tankers can transport loads of up to 33 Tons.

Ferric Chloride is generally used in applications such as water purification, heavy metal precipitation, industrial effluent treatment and phosphate precipitation in sewage treatment plants.

du Plessis Vervoer is SQAS Approved for the transportation of classified goods in tankers, trailers, dangerous goods and chlorine.


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